6% PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 1 JULY 2024. Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.
6% PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 1 JULY 2024. Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.
6% PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 1 JULY 2024. Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.

CBD + Squalane Skin Glow

There remains something incredibly exciting around the discovery of a new ingredient that might help consumers get closer to reaching their skin goals. CBD, a recent cosmetic trend, has officially taken the beauty world by storm.


CBD, or cannabidiol, has previously gained popularity for its magnitude of health benefits, from pain alleviation and sleep improvement to helping with mental health conditions. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabis plant with naturally low levels of THC which binds to receptors in your body and modulates different pathways to induce a range of healing effects. Its benefits to improve skin and combat certain skin conditions has however only more recently become a topic of interest.  CBD acts on specific glycine receptors that reduce inflammation. It is widely known that inflammation can aggravate many skin conditions, therefore CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties could improve the symptoms of conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. It further demonstrates anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and sebum reducing abilities and therefore makes it the perfect multi-functional skin booster ingredient. It’s therefore no surprise that it was only a matter of time for cannabidiol to be more than a fad — this powerful compound can deliver outstanding benefits making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin types or skin’s that have become sensitised through overstimulation of external factors.

Introducing the CBD + Squalane Skin Glow, a biome-friendly, clean plant-powered vegan skin wellness lipid-serum featuring 100mg CBD with added Squalane to help calm and relieve stressed out, fatigued and sensitive skins.


CBD in skincare works differently than bodily application as lower amounts of CBD reaches your bloodstream. Cannabinoids are also hydrophobic complicating its absorption as the skin barrier is high in water. CBD in skincare therefore has to be transported through a medium that contains fats.

With our CBD + Squalane Skin Glow, we selected Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Wheatgerm Oil to not only help to transport the CBD through the skin, but also to add benefits of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants. While many beauty products could contain CBD oil, some products contain only Hemp Seed Oil. The two are closely related, and both have fantastic benefits, but have different effects. In true TheraVine™ style where we always choose the formulation options that will have the highest impact on your skin, we’ve chosen to use both CBD and Hemp Seed Oil in this formulation for maximum benefits. Hemp Seed Oil contains the super Omega 3,6 and 9 and is known to be calming, soothing and provide anti-inflammatory benefits while also being super hydrating and nourishing as it strengthens the skin barrier.


The product’s silky, smooth and luxurious feel can be attributed to the addition of Squalane. Not only does it play a crucial part in the delivery of the CBD into the skin, it also offers fantastic moisturising properties, reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier, reduces Trans Epidermal Water Loss and supports a healthy microbiome balance within the skin.

Be sure to experience this serum in the Pro-Radiance Thermal Glow Facial

A CBD-infused treatment indicated for stressed out, fatigued and devitalised skins.

A gentle glycolic acid peel helps to rapidly increase cell turnover and skin vitality followed by a soothing cannabidiol lipid-serum and a replenishing heated nutrient rich linseed mask.

Restore skin radiance and youthfulness for a calm, glowing skin.

Say goodbye to severely dry, sensitive, fatigued, overactive and unpredictable skin and say hello to healthier, nourished, and younger looking skin!