Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.
Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.
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Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.

Founder Lisa Smit’s Story

Lisa Smit, founder of the award winning TheraVine™ Skin and Body Care brand contributes over twenty years in the health and skin care- and professional cosmetic industry and has been the owner and

CEO of Lisa Smit Enterprises c.c., Stellenbosch, South Africa, since its inception.

Lisa’s commitment to research, innovation and quality has allowed TheraVine™ to set a standard in the health and skincare industry and today, it is considered one of the leading skincare companies in South Africa. 

The birth of TheraVine™ and the story of how a self-made company grew to feature in some of South Africa and the world’s most renowned luxury spas and destination resorts started because Lisa could never understand why only international products were used in renowned establishments and often found herself wondering why no South African brands were considered ‘good’ enough.

Growing up amongst the vineyards of Stellenbosch, she investigated the addition of grapes and their by-products into her developing line of cosmetic products. Devoted to creating a superior, high-level efficacy product, Lisa met with various viticulturists, Professors from Stellenbosch University, major winemaking companies, farmers, botanists as well as scientists from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. 

She collected wines from major wine farmers and had these freeze-dried, which removed the alcohol from the wine and left only a fine, fluffy ‘candy-floss’ looking powder. 

The biggest ‘hurdle’ however in working with grape by-products, was to stabilise the formulations and prevent oxidation.

Based on her research, Lisa launched TheraVine™ Skin & Body Care in 2004, pioneering the use of the antioxidants found from the indigenous Pinotage grape derivatives developing effective skincare products and treatments that demonstrate visible results.

“Since the launch of TheraVine™ in 2004, I wanted to offer the most innovative, premier quality, ‘scientific & sensory’ spa and retail products possible, coupled with excellent service that surpasses the norm in the health & skincare industry. My daily commitment to research and continual advancement is the driving force behind my passion to keep producing products that fulfil the desires of our increasingly growing customer base.”
~ Lisa Smit

TheraVine™ currently boasts more than 250 products and will continue to deliver high strength active cosmetics using the latest international technologies fused with the super anti-oxidants derived from grape cultivars.

Lisa is highly regarded in the industry and press for being an innovator while her multiple industry and personal awards is testament to her unique ability and skill to create extra-ordinary, unique spa treatment protocols, and her in-depth product knowledge to develop remarkable product lines. 

A Family Business
Today, Lisa’s passion and drive are shared with her husband, Shane, Chief Financial Officer, and daughter Jodi Roberts, Research and Development Coordinator. Together they oversee the company’s Center Of Operations, product manufacturing, research, product formulation, development, and training facility.