Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.
Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.
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Get R200 off and free delivery for your first online order over R1300. Use code: WELCOME200.

Environmental and Social Commitments

We are committed to a standard of excellence, the best in customer service, professional training, and top qualified staff.

We follow eco-conscious operations through using up-cycled ingredients of all grape extracts and walnut shell powders in our products since starting in 2004.

We further aim to minimise the environmental impact in all areas of our business, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality. We assess the environmental impact of any new processes or products we intend to introduce.

All our naturally obtained ingredients are sourced from reputable companies across the world who make it their business to strive to ensure the sustainability of plants and species from which their ingredients are sourced. The resulting ingredients are grown, processed, and distributed in such a way that they do not harm the environment.

We evaluate each supplier’s sustainability in eco-friendly efforts and support companies and ingredients that have received eco-friendly awards.

We continue striving to work with ingredients that are eco-friendly and/or biodegradable. Formulation development is an ongoing process in this regard.  Sustainable vegetable-based inks are used in certain printing processes, and paper-based materials are obtained from sustainable sources FSC-Certified.

Packaging is recyclable, where end users are also encouraged to recycle all items after use based on the appropriate logos on the packaging.

Quality Assurance

Each and every ingredient, both raw/base and actives undergo stability testings, preservation testing, toxicology, and safety assessment testings.

All the raw/base ingredients, as well as actives we use in TheraVine™, are individually tested for skin compatibility as well as toxicologically tested.  We only use very high-quality ingredients that have been through extensive tests.

Bulk -Chemical, Physical testing & Microbiological testing 

Samples from every batch of every bulk manufactured is sent for Microbiological testings.  Once the bulk is filled in its final packaging, samples of this same batch in final packaging is also sent for Microbiological testings.  Double testing on the same batch is not the norm but you deserve the best quality assurance we can provide you with. Products are EU and FDA compliant, and are represented in over twenty countries.

Although the TheraVine™ principles are what made us innovators in the beauty industry, it is our concern for the balance and joy of your life journey that will inspire us to continuously strive for perfection.