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AromaVine™ Spiced Orange and Cinnamon Massage Candle




THERAVINE - AromaVine Spiced Orange and Cinnamon Massage Candle (2)

The TheraVine™ AromaVine™ Spiced Orange and Cinnamon Candle is a 100% natural spa inspired synergistic blend of plant waxes and butters infused with botanicals designed to moisturise and nourish your skin while cocooning your body in a comfortable warmth.

What you need to know:

The candle is fragranced using expertly blended aromatherapy oils to offer an ambient and sensory experience while enhancing not only your mood but also your living or work space as it lingers and engages your senses.

The AromaVine™ Spiced Orange and Cinnamon Candle is the answer to softening and smoothing dry skin, elbows or feet or even cracking heels and can be used as a luxurious cuticle treatment, as well as a general hand and body moisturiser. The superior skin nourishing ingredients can further reduce the formation of stretch marks.

The Clove will have an anti-inflammatory effect while boosting blood circulation while Cinnamon is healing and is fantastic to boost the immune system.

Directions for use:

Our pure soy oil 3 in 1 AromaVine™ Spiced Orange and Cinnamon Candle melts at just 2 degrees above body temperature.

When it burns, the wax melts to form a pool of oil, which is warm and comfortable to the touch. The oil has a silky, creamy texture and is rich in nourishing properties thus resulting in a luxurious treat for your skin with easy absorption and no greasy residue.