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Cuticle Remover




A fast acting cuticle remover that gently loosens and melts away overgrown cuticles. For best results, follow with TheraVine™’s Cuticle Treatment Oil.

The Cuticle Remover is the preferred cuticle care solution for:

1. immediate push back of cuticle

2. hydration of nails and cuticles

3. well groomed contour

What you need to know:

No nail care regimen is complete without a radical cuticle eraser and there is no better way to get that well-groomed and neat contour than with this fast acting emollient gel. It practically immediately softens dry, ragged cuticles and melts away overgrown cuticles. Pushing back cuticles has never been this easy, efficient and painless.

Directions for use:

Apply one coat directly on cuticles using the brush.  Allow product to act for one minute and then gently roll back the cuticle with a manicure stick covered with cotton wool.  Wash nails well with soapy water and dry nails before continuing with manicure.

Important instructions:

Due to alkali pH, it must be washed off immediately after use.

Do not expose to freezing temperatures.


Potassium Hydroxide