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Men's Skin Care

Day after day, your skin is weakened and the natural skin barrier is disturbed purely through shaving. Regular shaving can irritate the skin causing razor burn and inflammation.

While the skin is over-exfoliated, the delicate water oil barrier which keeps one’s skin healthy and protected, can be disrupted. Once disrupted, the skin loses moisture and dehydration, sensitization and the signs of premature ageing follows.


– Provide simple and effective skin care.
– Reduce skin irritations caused by shaving and external assault by preserving the skin’s natural protective film.
– Protect against pollution, sun exposure and free radicals.
– Restore skin balance, hydration and vitality.


– Skin is left refined, revitalised and comfortable.
– Impurities and excess sebum is eliminated.
– Skin is re-mineralised and clarified.
– Youthfulness is preserved.


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