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How does pollution affect the skin?

The skin is our first line of defence between the body and the surrounding air, therefore the skin is also
the first point of contact for pollution.
Pollution can cause damage to the skin’s natural protective barrier and in doing so sensitizes the skin.
When the skin barrier is damaged, the skin weakens and homeostasis is destroyed. This results in greater permeability to external agents that can penetrate more easily which in turn leads to a more reactive and sensitive skin.

Long-term exposure to pollution can go as far as resulting in what is referred to as low-grade inflammation, which can damage the skin in multiple ways, the most prominent being the acceleration of the aging process.
Prolonged exposure to pollution results in dryness, dullness, clogged pores, inflammation and increased allergic reactions.
The biggest culprit of all pollutants is microscopic pollutant particles that not only clog pores, they can also penetrate right down to the epidermis and wreak havoc – speeding up cellular aging. When pollutants enter the skin’s pores, they cause free-radical damage which directly relates to premature cellular death, simply put, the damage is as far reaching as the DNA. Collagen production is impacted, leading to accelerated aging, wrinkles and lines. Gradually, other signs of aging such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles can start to manifest.
Further potential effects of pollution include:
– an increase in the rate of aging due to depleting Vit C (and squalene – the 2 main antioxidants at the surface of the skin) in the skin, directly resulting in oxidative stress and slowing down the wound healing process
– increased sebum secretion
– increased redness and/or sensitivity indicators
– dryness and/or dehydration

The Daily Defence Anti-Pollution System:

The goal is to safeguard one’s skin from damage caused by toxins present in the environment. This skin care should either prevent skin damage caused by pollution, rectify damage or better yet offer both.
Since 2004, TheraVine™ has been formulating some of the most powerful pollution-fighting products with the extremely high anti-oxidant action of OPC’s and to us, fighting free radical attack in the form of pollution isn’t necessarily a new concept, but there is an increasing amount of scientific evidence that illustrates the far-reaching effects that pollution can have to the skin which resulted in the answer – The Daily Defence Anti-Pollution System.
Studies conducted by the TheraVine™ laboratory to formulate The Daily Defence Anti-Pollution System indicated that fighting the impact of pollution on the skin requires a 4 step approach:

1) Protection:
– Providing a shield effect
– Blocking the penetration of harmful particles
– Providing a system to avoid the adhesion of these harmful particles
2) Removal:
– ingredients to detoxify and purify the skin
– neutralising agents to eliminate the effect of the harmful particles
– high anti-oxidant content to eliminate free radical damage
3) Repair:
– Ingredients that assist to replenish the skin
– Calming and soothing agents to minimize inflammation
– Ingredients that offer skin smoothing and softening properties
4) Strengthening:
– High anti-oxidant protective properties
– Ingredients to rebuild the skin barrier
– Radiance enhancing ingredients

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