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AromaVine Frangipani and Jasmine Massage Candle




AROMAVINE - Frangipani & Jasmine Massage Candle

The Frangipani and Jasmine Massage Candle boasts plant waxes and butters, carefully blended to form a 100% natural product infused with soft and sensual plant botanicals to help nourish and moisturise the skin while making your body feel luxuriously pampered.

The rich and exotic fragrance of frangipani and jasmine has the ability to fill your house with a deep and long-lasting romantic flair while being known for its deep cleansing properties. Melt away stress and tension not only with each breath, but also as you apply this luxurious oil to leave dry and cracked skin looking and feeling perfectly moisturised and soft to the touch.

Taking your candle’s benefits to the next level, frangipani oil is also known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties believed to relieve inflammation while relaxing nerves and muscles.

Pair this with Jasmine known to promote better sleep while it helps to reduce stress and improve the mood, this candle is sure to not only fill the room with a beautiful aroma, but in fact can give your mind some much needed down time.

Directions for use:

Our pure soy wax 3 in 1 AromaVine™ Frangipani and Jasmine Candle melts at just 2 degrees above body temperature.
When it burns, the wax melts to form a pool of oil, which is warm and comfortable to the touch. The oil has a silky, creamy texture and is rich in nourishing properties thus resulting in a luxurious treat for your skin with easy absorption and no greasy residue.