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7 in 1 Miracle Elixir



T617 7 in 1 Miracle Elixir 02

Product Description

A complete conditioning program highly enriched in actives, for stronger, smoother, shinier and healthier nails.  Contains a Keratin-like Peptide to reinforce nails and prevent them from breakage.

The 7 in 1 Miracle Elixir is a complete conditioning program highly enriched in actives for stronger, smoother, shinier and healthier nails. What truly makes this a multi-purpose miracle nail treatment system and a prodigy in its field is that it is packed with a highly conditioning keratin-like peptide that provides targeted repair to the most damaged areas in your nail and in doing so adds to the natural keratin found in your nails, reinforcing them to prevent breakage.

What you need to know:

The 7 in 1 Elixir is your ‘go to’ all-in-1 solution for:
1. Strength: deeply regenerates nails from root to tip
2. Growth: helps stimulate cell process to allow nails to grow healthier
3. Hardening: instantly thickens and hardens nails
4. Protection: provides protection against splitting and breakage
5. Smoothing: fills in nail ridges and ‘silky-smoothes’ the nail surface
6. Hydration: restores natural moisture of nails
7. Shine: maximises natural shine of nails and provides long lasting gloss

Directions for use:

As a treatment – apply two coats twice a week.  As a base coat – apply one coat under nail polish.

Important instructions:

The purpose of the miracle elixir is 2 fold where it can be used as either a treatment by applying two coats twice a week following phase 1 and phase 2 as seen below or alternatively as a base coat by applying one coat under your favourite nail polish.


Keratin-like Peptide, Violet Extract, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Baobab Oil

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